It is a truth that open classrooms will not develop in our actual school systems without the teachers and pupils experiencing anxiety, bleakness, and alarm.

There will always be the disquietude that one is wrong in letting people choose their own lives instead of enforcing their roles in society. There will be bleakness, for one can never know in the short range if one is succeeding in opening possibilities to people or merely deceiving and seducing them. And there will be alarm because we all fear chaos—fear that things have gotten so far out of hand in our lives that if we face the truth we will no longer be able to tolerate life. We fear what we don`t know or don`t control. How many times do we hear the teachers saying: “I can`t control them giving them the work to do, imagine letting them choose… No way! The classroom would be a complete disaster.”
Schools are delirious. They do not serve the interests of adults, and they do not serve the interests of young people. They teach “objective” knowledge and its corollary, obedience to authority. They teach to escape of conflict and respect tradition in the
guise of history. They teach equality and democracy while castrating students and controlling teachers. Most of all they teach people to be silent about what they think and feel, and worst of all, they teach people to pretend that they are saying what they think and feel. To try to break away from stupid schooling is no easy matter for teacher or student. It ‘is a lonely and long fight to escape from believing that one needs to do what people say one should do and that one ought to be the person one is expected to be. Yet to make such an escape is a step toward beginning again and becoming the teachers we never knew we could be.

Please try! education-changing experience definitely worth it.



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